Why Bandstand Can Be The Future For Music Artists Of Today:

The answer is simple: because it is innovative !

Bandstand is an innovative iOS & Android app that permits you to have the leading edge technologies and analytics to communicate with and grow your fan base.

Bandstand is a creative & direct-to-fan app platform for artists and who want to create a long term Fan Engagement, sharing with fans direct streaming of their music and video contents, push notifications, video messages and to have new revenue stream, analytics, integrated store – 100% of sales direct to artist and more..

For fans… they will be able to have Total Artists Control with the exclusive access to unseen and rare contents, early bird ticket offers, stream music & videos. With Bandstand APP, they can also watch and listen to video and audio messages directly from the artists, interact with other fans and have real time updates and push notifications on their mobile devices!

If you are an artist, or label and you want to create a real Fan Engagement, Bandstand is a new way to manage, monetize and grow your fan base, creating an interactive way of sharing music and updates.

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